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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wedges: great high heels for daily wear

sober-wedge-high-heel-shoesWedges, by their very nature, are good for feet.

Only in very rare cases have I seen badly created wedges and those with heavy heels. In general, the heel and soul are made of light material and have a firm base so that the soft 'filler' material does not sag or come in contact with ground.

The design displayed here and similar types, with wide stripes, add to comfort. You need to take care that your toes do not protrude (I plan to write my next post on this aspect).

In office situations too, where formal shoe is not mandatory, sober wedges are OK. They, of course, go well in most informal and all casual occasions.

You can see a number of wedge designs here.
Care to see this post on why choose a wedge over stiletto?


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