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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Very high heeled sandals: worth the height?

This 10 inch heel is from Pleasure and I have taken this photo from the web. I have earlier written about heel height from the perspective of its impact on the foot joints, muscles and ligaments.

When we wear ultra-high heels, we also need a high platform because we cannot bend the feet beyond about 4-5 inches. When a shoe raises the sole as well as heel of our foot, that poses a great danger of falling or twisting ankles because the sole is not able to feel the ground. (It is because the nerves in the sole, which are way above the ground, are unable to convey to the brain the correct position of the ground in relation to the foot.)

Moreover, such high heels make climbing even small heights such as entering a car or climbing down a step hazardous.

So, if you must wear such heels (and they look as glam as other high heels), take due care. And once you are on a safe place, enjoy them!

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