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Friday, July 31, 2015

Clear high heels look so glam!

Clear shoes have their own glamour appeal. This one is great for weddings and such occasions. The bow, metallic sheen, shimmer straps... all complement each other!
glamorous high heel shoes
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

My high heels pinch again!

You heard me right, but you've heard me half yet! My latest high heeled shoes, a Louboutin no less, pinched me when I wore them to the party. 

The shoe was not at fault. It was me. In my excitement to show the new stiletto pair (and which lady won't be too excited to show her latest acquisition to friends?), I did not remove a bit of sticker that was pasted on the inner side of the strap. 

And I think I am sort of expert on all shoee things ;) and keep telling people what to do and not do when wearing a new pair!

A pair to love for long! (pic from the web)
But let me tell you, it hurts even if you follow all precautions. And it hurts if you are not very rich; it hurts your pocket. I had to shell out my whole two months' savings on one pair of shoes (though I bought it with dealer's discount)!!

Ya, dear ladies, do take care to break the shoe before you wear a new pair.

(Not all Christian Louboutin products are available here; mine too was imported.)

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