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Monday, January 9, 2012

The best high heel shoes for the office

High heel shoes give confidence to women in workplaces. Heeled shoes also help women present themselves as smart people: people who care for themselves, who matter, who cannot be brushed aside. Heels provide the 'attitude' that women need in the male-dominated world.
Some women [me, very much] are not comfortable without high heels as a matter of fashion too. When I am not in my heels, I feel as if I have left something essential in my routine make up. 

Which high heel type? How tall heels?

One, it depends upon the nature of job and what liberty is allowed. Two, your own personal preferences that fit in the range of variety allowed.

Go by the rule book
Look for the dress code, if there is any, of your company or the general dress code of the country if you are posted abroad.

Observe others
Observe what type of shoes your co-workers are wearing, especially those of your status in the workplace. 
Don’t give up your own style within the permitted range
Your style of shoes, like your garments and accessories, must be of your own liking. Within the permitted types too, there will be variations in color, frills, material used and so on that can add a lot of variety. It also depends on whether you are a follower or a leader in matters of fashion.
Office shoes need not be too conservative and boring. You can add a bit of metal and frills here and there, variations of the tip, an ankle strap, a t-strap and so on. But this should be limited to the extent permitted, not too eye-catching. 
Final point: err on the right side
If you are not sure, do err on the right side. Be a bit conservative initially and experiment slowly. There could be reasons [historical / cultural / comfort] why ladies [in this location / field of work / office] are following a particular approach to fashion. 
The general guiding points for office wear for women are:
  • Court shoes, the classic black pumps, are almost universally recognized as appropriate shoes for the workplace. Heels up to 2.5 inches would suit most women, but that depends on the body make up and foot architecture. Brown pumps are also perfectly OK if they suit your dress.
  • In some countries and some companies worldwide, sandals are now accepted. But they need to be in leather or synthetic [not canvas or fabric]. Flip flops and plastics are a no-no in most cases. Avoid strappy sandals as they not only look casual, they might not fully cover and hug your feet for comfort.
  • Do not wear pumps or closed shoes if the temperature does not allow that. Sandals in sober colors and designs are OK in most such cases. But if you have to wear a jacket [even in hot weather], don't wear sandals. 
  • Some colors do not suit workplaces, such as yellow and deep red. For that matter, all gaudy colors, silver and gold are not suited for office-wear.
  • Do not wear socks with sandals but always wear socks with pumps and boots. Avoid socks made of synthetic material as they would not absorb sweat, give smell and harm the skin.

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