A blog devoted to sexy high heel shoes for women.

interesting high heel designs

High heels that are too high, of curious shapes, arty...
[I'm building up this page slowly]

Look at these octopus shoes. You can sting many with one stroke.


Quite trendy but crazy too!


Drink these shoes: a coffee mug at that!!

Banana shaped shoes: no hunger anymore!

Real hanging heel!

This horse-shoe, with pistol heel: kick and shoot?

Wanna slip your beautiful foot into this shapely leaf?

Double storey high heel boots?

Stilettos sometimes need a rocking foundation, isn't it?

Heel or wave? Or is it a hook to hook others?

What a yoga on feet!

Bark, lady, bark!
Climbing a ladder has not been as easy before.

Ready to shoot onlookers with this slingshot?