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Sunday, March 1, 2015

10 tips to avoid toes coming out of peep toe shoes

Peep toe shoes look great, especially when one has shapely toes. However, after a few months of wear, many women find their toes coming out of the shoe, giving an ugly sight and leading to discomfort and injury.

Toes slipping out of shoes can be due to many factors.  Read on, and take care of the points given here. Enjoy your lovely peep toe high heels for a long time.

In this case, the heel case and ankle straps are there,
yet the foot slips forward as there was no firm upper
to hold the toes in..
1. If toes coming out of the shoe is regular in your case, carefully examine: 
Is it due to your feet’s shape? Do your feet sweat too much? Do you have big or thick toes? Are you unusually over-weight? Is the heel too high? Have you been buying low-quality shoes?

2. If the problem started after you wore these shoes for a long time one day, do get the shoes repaired immediately, whatever the reason.

3. Try shoes in the later part of the day when they are slightly swollen due to blood pressure because of sitting and standing through the day. It will help when the toes come out due to slightly small size of shoes.    

4. On the other hand, having shoes of half size smaller than the fitting size serves the purpose if the toes come out because the shoes are of a bigger size and feet are not properly clamped and move inside the shoe. 

5. Go for slender shoe styles if you have thin feet.

6. Stick anti-slip insoles (these are available with big shoe and accessory makers, also online) so that feet do not slip forward due to body weight or slipperiness caused by sweat etc.

7. Avoid puffing too much talcum powder inside shoes (many ladies do that so as to keep feet dry and mask bad odour) or the feet will slip. That may also cause shaky gait.
This figure shows how the weight of the foot moves forward
when the shoe slips out of the toe box, and the arch
of the foot gets mis-aligned with shoe's arch.

8. If the upper of the shoe has loosened or given way, get it repaired. Think of giving it an extra stitch.

9. Buy shoes with firmly clamping upper or wide straps and also a strap holding the ankle fastened to the heel of the shoe.

10. Remember that when shoes fit perfectly fine when bought but the foot pushes itself out of the toe box, the heel of the foot goes in and it also looks ugly. It can, in fact, lead to many more problems: further push forward, risk of falling (due to disturbed balance at the heel), injury (as the body weight now falls on the arch and not on the heel of the shoe).

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