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Monday, July 1, 2013

10 reasons why you should consider wedge heel over stiletto

Before proceeding further, let me admit that personally I like stilettos over all other types of shoes and I can wear them for long hours without pain or tiredness. 

Yet, if I were to give advise, I would suggest that women wear wedges rather than stilettos in most conditions. Why?

1. Wedges are more comfortable. Most women find wedges more comfortable than stilettos  especially above 4 inch heel height. 
2. Wedges add height more than stilettos  Yes, but it has a catch. Wedges mostly come with platform sole and so if you are comfortable with 4 inch heel, you can wear a 5.5 inch tall wedge with 1.5 inch platform. Since thin sole stilettos are seen as more classy, women going for top high heels would rather go for tall wedges.
3. All occasions are not formal. Stilettos are considered formal and wedges informal. If you exclude ladies who have to wear pumps during office time [Office pumps mostly don't have too high heels.],  informal occasions are likely to be more than formal occasions demanding stilettos  So, those not very stable / comfortable in stilettos would and should go for wedges  in all situations that do not prohibit informal wear.
4. You can be sporty and playful with wedges. Wedges, by the very nature of their heel and sole, allow play with color all around the shoe. 
5. Wedges go with many more dresses. Casual, informal, semi-formal...
6. Wedges are more subdued than stilettos  The flamboyance of make-up and flashy dresses increases with tall stilettos  Some find such combinations slutty. Wearing wedges subdue the overall effect of flashiness if you want a good balance.
7. Wedges might not look as 'classy' as stilettos but they are equally elegant. Except when they are poorly crafted or have very small heel height, wedges look beautiful.
8. Wedges signify sobriety, composure, good taste.
9. Wedges are safer for older women and also young girls.
10. Wedges are less likely to give bunions etc. In most wedges, the sole is wider than that in stilettos. They also have a padding below the foot arch. On the other hand, over the years, the width of stilettos has become slender, which does not suit all types of feet and can result in injury.

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