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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wedge shoes are as attractive as stilettos

A survey by CouponCodes4u has found that among women’s shoes, wedges are judged the least attractive by men. I will take this report on male fetish for women shoes with a pinch of salt as my own experience and my male friends’ views tell me almost the opposite.

Wedges look attractive in their own right. In addition, these shoes have an additional area for fashion play, i.e. the entire sideway. It allows for nice flowery designs, even accessorization. I know a few fashionable ladies who experiment with their dress and shoes, and they deck up wedges by pasting stickers or pin-ups on the sides of wedge shoes according to the occasion.

I have often got flattering compliments about my wedges – also from men. It never occurred to me that anybody would hold me in poor light because I wore wedge shoes.

After this news, I asked my male friends and they din’t find the survey fitting their likes. In fact, this survey of mine ;) found wedges quite fashionable [I didn’t ask whether they looked ‘sexy’.], coming after stilettos and platforms!

Well, I have no problem if you say stilettos look more sexy / glam than other shoes. I’ll also agree that cheap wedges, mass produced from cork, felt and cheap plastics look awful; but that can be said for all shoe styles.

This issue settled, let me also share what are the least attractive footwear styles, according to this report, which is supposed to have read the minds of over two thousand men.

1. Wedge (71% dislikes)
2. UGGs (67%)
3. Crocs (63%)
4. Platforms (58%)
5. Flip flops (55%)
6. Moccasins (49%)
7. Mary Janes (42%)
8. Ballet shoes (37%)
9. Kitten heels (34%)
10. Sneakers (25%)

I had written a post on wedge shoes only last week!

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