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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jury is still out on interchangeable heels by Tanya Heath

There is this news item saying Tanya Heath has introduced shoes on which you can change between a 3.5 inch heel and a 1.5 inch heel in a click of a button.
I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I myself had been wondering from my shoe technology class days why we can’t have shoes on which we can change heels easily. This has been tried by many, with varied success. I also worked on it taking a clue from a 50 year old pair that was there in our little museum! I introduced strong metal stubs with screws which you could fit on a specially crafted shoe with a screw-hole. But it was neither elegant nor easy. 

Changing heels, that too in a click, is superb. And having heels that mix and match with a variety of shoes is wonderful.

Then why am I skeptical? Because while changing between two different printed / different shaped heels is great, changing the heel height without changing the sole is not. I fear that if we keep the sole too flexible, it will not support the feet when the heel height is more, and if we keep it too hard, it will disturb gait. In both the cases, the shoe as well as the foot are the sufferers.

In an interview that I read on the web, Heather says, she worked on the design for three years. That is a solace: she might have done something marvelous and innovative with not only the shoe’s design but also its physics and chemistry.

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