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Sunday, November 16, 2014

When high-heels pain...

I was looking for some great shoe designs and went to an online store selling shoes by top international brands. I found this one looking good. But when I looked at the comments, I felt aghast. In trying to sell style, some top brands seem to be ignoring comfort, thus giving a bad name to high heels.
Look at the shoe on the left. It looks fantastic. For proper foot support, it has heel-back with zip, a wide ankle strap and nicely shaped upper. The soothing 'blush' color and great looking stiletto heels add to its style content. These great features, however, hide the lack of proper support at the heel, which is a must for steep heels (the heel is 4.5 inch tall). Do have a look at the two comments that tell the story. I have not edited the comments. Maybe, these come up if you search for the text on Google.
1. I love shoes and I know the pain us girls go through to sport a cute pair of eye catching heels but my goodness these puppies are impossible. I wanted these so bad and loved the cute buckle detail, I imagined all the outfits I would pair them with before they arrived. I took them out of the box when they arrived and buckled them on took ten steps and couldn't wait to take them off. Why? Well here's the thing ladies... the back of the heel on the top is extremely stiff, so every time you step it jabs you into submission. I couldn't imagine all the chaffing and pain I would have to endure if I couldn't even make it off the carpet in my room. These sadly had to go back.
2. I ordered these heels in black. These heels are definitely super hot! I loved them. The leather was good quality. I have larger ankles and short legs, so styles like this sometimes look funny on me but these looked great! You can't adjust the ankle strap, but I think if you have thick ankles like me, or skinny ankles, they'll still look good. The only thing bad about these is they're kind of painful and difficult to walk in since they're so high in the back, yet low in the front.