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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stupid heels: neither comfort nor fashion

I came across a pair of heels on a rather fashionable lady's feet and felt bad for her. More so when she told me the shoes were expensive.

What use is good leather, sturdy bottom and costly studding if the heels do not have the right contours for fashion and right material for comfort?

I feature here two sandals that looks comfortable but are not good for shoes because these do not have proper foot-friendly design and fit:

The first one has a low heel but overall the arch is not properly shaped and the upper does not give enough support. The back of the heel is likely to hurt too, with its too roundish curvature.

The lower shoe has an ill-fitting canvas upper that does not go with the curve of the top of foot. I'm sure, the upper would develop crease after one or two wears.

I picked up these pairs from an online shoe merchant.

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