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Friday, September 27, 2013

high heel shoe design: when it turns bad

I am a high heel fan, a die-hard high heel lover. I believe that high heels make one look fashionable, glam, even sexy. But I cannot go for heels that can cripple me.

high-heel-shoe-designThis heel is an example of taking fashion too far. Look carefully at it: its design, its curves, its colors and its overall finish are all superb. But look at the heel height versus the slope: the slope is horrible though there is enough space for the lower foot. [I am saying this, because when they give such slope and heel height in a small-sized shoe, they reduce this space, making the shoe even worse.]

I have taken this photo from a website and removed the watermark not to be seen as going after a brand.

Beware of shoe with slope that puts too much pressure forward, curvature that strains the arch, and has little sole for lower foot and toes. For a detailed discussion on this, you can visit this post on high heel shoe shapes and curves.

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