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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fun high heels!

This Chinese laundry high heels is not for the faint hearted, but is fun to wear as it has the right curves and straps. Six inch heels with 2 inch platform!



Buy Shoes Online said...

High Heels can permanently damage your feet, ankles, joints and legs. Yes you do get used to them but I wouldn't suggest it. By the time that you are used to them your body will be all screwy.

childrens snow boots said...

High heeled shoes not only make a women look better. She feels sexier wearing them as well. This can be seen in the confidence that is seen in women who wear high heeled shoes. They move with a smooth sexuality that women in flat soled shoes rarely show.

Smi said...

Why are u so much against these high heel beauties, Buy Shoes Online? Why can't we learn to be wise: wearing high heels in right place, the right way, suiting the occasion and according to our foot's peculiarities?
Ya, Childrens..., I agree.