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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Plastic surgery for high heel comfort

This article in the Daily Mail of the UK on plastic surgery for high heel comfort is interesting. This has appeared in many papers and websites since its publishing a week ago.

I find it interesting on two counts: One, women can go to any length to look and feel sexy and stylish. Two, the pain would be so less in wearing high heel if we ladies took a bit of care of our feet and wore high heels sensibly. I do not think women in general [not grandmas, nor infants, nor in their ninth month of pregnancy, nor infirms] can hurt themselves of high heels if they wear the right types and for the right period of time. I have talked of foot health and high heel shoe engineering earlier too [with some overlap], so I'm not repeating them here.

"By the way," a male friend of mine said, "what is so abnormal about it? Women are used to sitting in the beauty parlor for hours, undergoing pain in hair removal, breast implants, butt firming and so on, shopping for the entire day. You people should love it iff a surgery removes some of your pain." 

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Couture Carrie said...

Eeek! Don't know if I could do it...