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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 great reasons to wear high heeled shoes

 1. High heels make you tall
This is the weakest reason, though. Heels add height, and it helps in case a lady is short in built.

2. High heels make you look slim
This too is a slightly weak argument, but it is true. When you wear high heels, the added height gives you a slightly better height:girth ratio. The upright posture helps you look slimmer in two more ways: by giving you the right curves when you stand or walk and by increasing your height.

3. High heels complement most outfits
High heels usually add to the overall get up. Many garments, especially the tight fitting legwear, look gorgeous in high heels. By slightly pushing the chest forward, they also make the skirt / blouse look more eye-catching.

4. High heels accentuate your legs’ beauty
When legs are of the right shape, their beauty increases manifold on high heels. Uncovered or tightly dressed legs look very sexy with high heels.

5. High heels are an object of desire
High heels are traditionally worn during parties and not at home and in offices. They are also worn by beauty queens, models and film stars and not by house maids. As a small girl, you had seen high heeled ladies around you or on TV / films / etc, you developed a craving for high heels and it satisfies you when you have a new pair of heels and you can flaunt them. So, wearing quality high heel gives a high just because you have such an object of desire.

6. High heels are works of art
Will you feel great if you put just a piece of concrete under your heel and stand on it? No. High heels of good brands and design are truly works of art. Irrespective of what else you wear, beautifully crafted high heels in themselves are worth putting on.

7. High heels draw attention
What fun is fashion if it is not noticed and complimented? What fun is it if men’s eyes are not fixed on them? Beautiful high heels cannot remain without being noticed. In addition, the sound high heels make when you walk in them also seems to subconsciously arouse feminine attraction in men.

8. High heels make you feel powerful
Getting noticed and complimented not only makes you feel beautiful, it makes you feel important and powerful.

9. Wear high heels because most others are wearing them
Except in situations that don’t welcome flashy high heels for health / comfort or social reasons [outing in hills and sea beaches, when pregnant, at funerals, etc], wear high heels because most other ladies would be wearing them.

10. High heels make you look and feel sexy
This is the most important, and an all-inclusive, reason: a pair of sexy high heels makes you look and feel sexy. Part of it is because you are conscious that your heels are being notices, part because you are being appreciated for the heels, part because you get a sexy posture by wearing them.

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