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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Who says walking in high heel shoes is painful?

10-point formula for wearing high heels  
and not getting worried about foot health

When I got my first job and I insisted on wearing high heeled shoes to office every day, I was cautioned. I have also seen warning on many blogs why heels should not be worn for long times. Some sites shout aloud that wearing high heels can permanently damage feet. Well, I too have written one post on this topic [and I am supposed to have had a stint at a foot technology institute.] But, personally, I have been wearing high heels for ages – and heels of all types – but seldom had a problem with heels. 
Let me share my formula. I have not taken too much effort to stick to this formula either. Such things come naturally to you if you imbibe them once, keep the basics at the back of your mind and do not do unnecessary ‘adventure’. I will be honored, and it will help visitors, if you can share your own experiences here.
nothing gives bigger kick to a woman 
than a sexy high heel shoe

  1. Don’t buy sexy-looking, very high heeled, shoes from flea market. You should purchase high heels only of good brands, not from mass-scale producers and street-sellers. Unlike flats, high heel shoes need proper design, based on sound understanding of the human foot’s working.
  2. Buy heels that fit just right: they should be tight fitting when you buy them so that they break in fine. When buying heels with open toe area and not wide straps to keep feet in place, ladies tend to buy tighter shoes so that toes do not bulge out of the shoe after some time. My formula is to buy just right sized shoes, and use skin-colored socks when the straps turn a bit loose. I took a new stiletto that developed this problem to the local shoe guy and he tightened the front strap nicely and the shoe served me another year.
  3. Buy heels that suit your body / foot type: thin or fat built… width of the paw… toe length… any deformity such as flat foot. I am lucky not to be overweight [so far] and so can indulge in very high heels, while my mother [no mom, you are not fat – just a bit healthier than me ;)] needs to wear shorter heel.
  4. Walk in new shoes in front of a tall mirror before stepping out. You should be in no hurry to flaunt a pair of shoes that you have not worn for a few minutes everyday for at least a couple of days inside your home. This applies more to a shoe style that you have never tried before.
  5. If you happen to buy hard-soled shoes, e.g. ethnic varieties, put an adhesive sole cushion or ask a shoe-man to lay a cushioning over the hard surface.
  6. Do not over-use shoes. Get the shoe repaired only to the extent that it does not change its height, curves and position or thickness of straps. When its heel, sole and main straps are worn out, throw it rather than repair.
  7. When in high heels, be conscious. Do not jump, move in jerks, turn abruptly to a side or kick something even in the most playful moments.  
  8. Of course, do not use high heels in odd places: on ice, sand, uneven surface, a very slippery or soft surface; and for dancing, playing and other such activities needing brisk foot movement. If you need to mix fashion with an active hobby, keep a pair of flats in your bag to alternate with the heels.
  9. If you wear high heel shoes for a long time, do give a few small breaks to your feet. If you can sit, just remove them for a few minutes; if you need to stand all the time, do remove them whenever you can find a counter or some screen [as in a hotel]. If you find a washroom that is clean and not very crowded, place your feet on a tissue paper on the floor, jump a few times and wear the shoes again.  
  10. Finally, when my feet burn and are tired after wearing high heels for a long time [This happens equally with low heeled shoes, and more with boots.], I take care to put feet in water for a few minutes and then give them a light massage.


sexylegsandbody said...

Hi, great advice, my wife will agree with you, she wears heels to work every day, and she is involved in sales, so she is on her feet a lot. So far no problems. lets hope it stays that way.

Thanks for dropping a line on my post, loved hearing from you.
Hope your new year will be prosperous and joyful.
Take care.

smi said...

Happy new year!
Nice to hear that your wife loves heels and uses them sensibly.

sexylegsandbody said...

Haha, I will not go so far as to say sensibly, she has very close to a hundred pairs, and she wears a different pair every day. Never a dull moment. But then, I love her for it.

Take care!