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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Christian Louboutin's world of shoe excellence

Before going further, let me make it clear that I have no commercial interest in featuring the Christian Louboutin brand. In any case, they are too big to affiliate with me. ;)
Now, the story about these charming high heel shoes goes like this....

If you are a true high heel shoe lover and don't have at least a couple of pairs of Christian Louboutin, you are missing something big.

Well, why insist on a Louboutin when you have shoes of many other big brands? It is a no brainer that they have a very high snob value. But besides that, the superb craftsmanship and excellent design aspects make them a shining jewel among branded high-end women's shoes.

Since two decades, when they made their first appearance, these red soled high heeled shoes have charmed women's hearts like few other accessories.

Louboutin shoes come in a wide range of designs and with a variety of embellishments. They come mostly in very high heels - from steep high stilettos to studded sandals and lace-up boots. The upper could be patent leather or satin or suede or snake-skin or...

Since these shoes are quite exLouboutin high heelspensive, fakes are reported to have flooded the market. There are dozens of sites that promote Louboutins, supposedly to make people think that they sell the real brand. As of now, original Louboutins are not sold online except by Christian Louboutin's [the designer] own site registered in the US.

Like any other leather product, Christian Louboutins too need care and will not last longer than others only because they are expensive.

They make men's shoes, low heel shoes and handbags but they are not of my concern as far as this website goes.women's shoes: high heel

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