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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Foot pain: It's shoe design, often not the heel size!

We often find high heel shoes blamed for any type of foot problem. The fact is that most often the heel pain is due to a swollen piece of tissue called planter fascia that connects the heel bone with the toes. Medical fact is that it get inflamed when people walk on flip-flops or have shoes with too soft or hard soles and not when they wear high heel shoes!

Yes, high heels will hurt too if you have non-fitting high-heeled shoes or wear them for long times or walk in them on rough or slippery surfaces or have  a biological problem in your feet [a list of good high heel wear practices here], you might end up hurting yourself. But, who said that high heels are for playing football or racing?

Women's shoes in the market often have a poor shoe design because the thrust is on fashion. Mass producers of women shoes seldom care for design and copy top brands and whatever is in vogue. They copy the looks but can't and won't copy the care that good brands have taken to counter-balance the ill-effects of very high heels, narrow shape and other shoe design aspects.

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